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Zanzibar Kitesurfing Courses

New to the kite world or looking to hone your skills? Our IKO instructors are ready to make you having fun !
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Kiting in Zanzibar student and instructor in the Indian Ocean Zanzibar ProKite

Beginner Course

Private 6 Hrs: 2 Hrs/day | Group 9 Hrs: 3 hrs/day
You need at least 3 days to finish the package.

Stage 01: Discover Kiting

Discovery of the wind window, set up of the gear & safety systems and first piloting , including body dragging & self rescue

Stage 02: Independant Kiting

Walking with the kite one hand, relaunching and and body dragging downwind and upwind.

Stage 03: Time on the Board

Practice of the waterstart in both directions & riding



Zanzibar kitesurfing courses - student with instructor in the lagoon at Jambiani

Intermediate courses

Already Got the basics? Lets go for the rest! After refreshing your piloting skills, you will work on your riding. 


2 hours: $170 | 4 hours: $320 | 6 hours: $450

Group of 2 (sharing 1 kite)

3 hours: $165 | 6 HOURS: $300 | 9 HOURS: $405

(Prices are per person)
Zanzibar kitesurfing instructor pulling a trick Zanzibar ProKite

Coaching Course

For Independent Riders only | Private Lessons Only
Let us teach you some kitesurfing tricks, get you learning something new and pushing you to your limits!  Perhaps it's your first rotation, unhooked freestyle tricks or honing your strapless riding technique.

We are ready to push you to the next level and make sure you have lots of fun doing it!

Twin tip & strapless riding

$85 per Hour

Zanzibar ProKite instructors and student foiling on the lagoon in Jambiani

Foil Activities


$85 PER HOUR / 6 hour pack: $480

Wing Foil

$85 PER HOUR / 6 hour pack: $480

wake foil (hydrofoil with boat)

$80 PER 30mINS

See Our Foiling Packages

Zanzibar, The Perfect Place FOr Kitesurfing


rent the equipment you need

It’s not always easy to travel with all your kite equipment, but no worries, Zanzibar-Prokite is ready to help you with the perfect professional gear!
The school is working with the famous French brand F.ONE, one of the biggest International Kitesurfing brand; safety and quality are our priority!
F.ONE offers a large choice of gear, giving you the opportunity to try different shape of kites and maybe find yours!!
We rent our gear to independent riders only, the minimum level required is “3K IKO : riding consistent upwind both directions”.

Full Equipment

Half Day


Full Day


1 week.


Kite Only

Half Day


Full Day


1 week.


Twin Tip

Half Day


Full Day


1 week.


Half Day


Full Day


1 week  



Foil Only

$35 PER hour

Full Gear with FOil

$55 per hour


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