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Zanzibar Prokite Story

Get to know the founders of Zanzibar ProKite, Anthony and Mélie from South France. They started kitesurfing in 2006 after attending Sports University. Upon receiving their IKO certification, they travelled to Egypt to live their first kitesurfing adventure! Then looking for a new kitesurfing destination, they discovered Zanzibar kitesurfing and fell in love with this amazing island and Jambiani’s beautiful lagoon!

After few years already in Zanzibar; they launched the school in 2016 which has been a well-known and long-standing establishment on the south east coast. Both have become experienced kiters and pedagogue kite instructors with a wealth of kiting knowledge from kiting around the world and in Zanzibar!
Zanzibar Kitesurfing with the Zanzibar ProKite Team

The Zanzibar Kitesurfing experience

Jambiani is the less crowded spot of the south-east coast, with less traffic on the beach and in the water.  A very good spot with its beautiful blue lagoons and sandbanks – kiting in this spot is an experience you will never forget! 
Aside from kiting and tourism, the charming fishermen’s village is also known for its seaweed culture, collected by the village women to make body creams and soaps. Everyone has a place in the lagoon, respecting each other and sharing their love for the Indian Ocean: the kite surfers, the women who cultivate seaweed and the fishermen.

Zanzibar, The Perfect Place FOr Kitesurfing

Meet Us

Our Team

“ Kiting is like a family, and member of our team will always be ready to help you advice and make sure you have a perfect time with us!”
“We can’t wait to see you discover one of the most beautiful lagoons in Indian Ocean!!”
Zanzibar kitesurfing instructor pulling a trick next to a Swahili boat Zanzibar ProKite


After living in Zanzibar for few years now, Niko is addicted to the island's life! He is passionate with riding and will always give you the right tips in order for you to be a better rider! His favourite activity is foiling, the perfect way to cruise in the magic lagoon of Jambiani! Karibu Zanzibar!
Zanzibar kitesurfing instructor on Jambiani beach Zanzibar ProKite


With Mélie it’s a mix of sweetness and fun; sun and good vibe, that’s what you will sign up for! “Zanzibar offers the perfect conditions to really enjoy and improve - it’s a lot of fun to work in paradise ! “
Zanzibar kitesurfing instructor pulling a trick next to a Swahili boat Zanzibar ProKite


Experiment rider, pedagogue and professional, Anthony has been teaching beginners as well as advanced riders for years. First hooked to freestyle, he is now into strapless riding, making him the complete rider. “My idea of paradise, watch the waves from the beach thinking about my next session!
Stay & Kite

NUR BEach Hotel

Zanzibar ProKite is located on the grounds of the NUR Beach Hotel and adds a touch of fun and action to the hotel's relaxing ambiance. NUR is a chilled 10-Bungalow beach front hotel perfectly located for those seeking comfortable accommodation on a Zanzibar kitesurfing holiday full of relaxation and adventure. No matter which of the bungalows you take, you’ll give yourself a restorative sleep while a gorgeous pool and ocean await you at any hour of the day. What better way can you cap off an epic kite session in ideal conditions then with fresh food, drinks and a relaxed setting, discussing the day's events.
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NUR Beach Hotel and Zanzibar ProKite are part of the Our Zanzibar Hotel Group, whom have a portfolio of 9 hotels on Zanzibar's south east coast. Therefore, if your looking for a place to stay and adventure is what your seeking, Zanzibar ProKite and the hotel group’s reservation team can put together a memorable holiday full of kiting, relaxation and more on the south east coast of Zanzibar. Explore the group's portfolio of well-known and popular hotels, with options for all budgets and travellers.
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