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A World class kiting Destination

The best kiting in Zanzibar can be found on the South-East Coast. This coastline is a world class kiting location for all riders, with some of Zanzibar's most popular beaches, gorgeous turquoise lagoons, super flat conditions and consistent on-shore winds. A holiday in Zanzibar is an unforgettable experience, with so much to see and do. On calm days, explore the island's culture and nature, and on windy days, rip up and down the coastline amidst Swahili dhow boats, fishermen and friendly locals.

Zanzibar ProKite is conveniently located on the beach, providing you with unrestricted access to Jambiani's beautiful beach and idyllic lagoons. We offer a variety of courses for all skill levels, as well as rental equipment and IKO certified instructors with years of teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of kiting in Zanzibar.

If you are looking for a professional school where you will learn in excellent conditions, with quality equipment and in a relaxed atmosphere, look no further than Zanzibar ProKite.

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Kiting in Zanzibar reef, lagoons and dhows in the Indian Ocean Zanzibar ProKite

Courses for all Levels

We provide beginner, intermediate and advanced coaching courses taught by experienced and passionate professionals. Beginner to intermediate students have the option of private and group lessons based on their preferences and budget.

For the more advanced, try your hand at a variety of new skills with private coaching. Learn hooked and unhooked tricks, strapless riding, foiling, wing courses and more.



Private Coaching

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What to Expect from us

IKO Certified Instructors

Our team are all certified IKO instructors who have spent years teaching and riding abroad and kiting in Zanzibar.

Quality Kiting Equipment

Safety and quality are our priorty, thats why we only use reputable and up to date kite equipment from one the biggest kiting brands.

Boat Support

The kite school has a dedicated boat, both for safety and to support our students throughout the day and in the changing tides.

Courses For all & Gear Rental

We provide a range of courses no matter your skill level. Beginner, intermediate and advanced riders - are all welcome. And for those with no gear we have you covered too.

Radio Support

We deliver our lessons with the use of radios to keep in constant communication and for effective learning!

Excellent Location

Our kite school is located in Jambiani, a low traffic kiting spot, suitable for all skills levels and for all ride styles - freestyle, strapless, wave riding and more.

Jambiani, the perfect place for kiting in zanzibar

Equipment hire

No Equipment, Hakuna Matata!

It's not always easy to travel with all of your kite equipment, but don't worry, Zanzibar-ProKite is here to assist you with the best professional gear! The school collaborates with the well-known French brand F.ONE, one of the best international kitesurfing brands - safety and quality are our top priorities! F.ONE has a large selection of gear, allowing you to try out different shapes of kites and find your best fit!

We only rent to independent riders, with a minimum level of "3K IKO: riding consistently upwind in both directions."
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Zanzibar’s South East Coast

Zanzibar’s South East Coast

A World class kiting Destination

Zanzibar ProKite is located just over an hours drive from Stone Town and Zanzibar’s International Airport. Consistent cross-onshore winds caress the south east coastline and a reef, approximately 2km offshore, creates a natural refuge from large waves, providing a perfect playground for kiting in Zanzibar.

The school is located in a popular region of Zanzibar with it’s laid back atmosphere, beautiful beaches, great hotels and nightlife. Between epic kite sessions, you can experience much of what Zanzibar has to offer. Go on an epic tour, simply kick back and relax or take in the slow way of life.
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